17. December 2019

#SpoilYourself - Concierge Tbilisi’s New Year Campaign

Certain business companies that are using Concierge’s 1-year service will receive not only standard concierge package but also a surprise in a bottle.

#SpoilYourself - Concierge Tbilisi’s New Year Campaign
#SpoilYourself - Concierge Tbilisi’s New Year Campaign
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It’s 2019, we are in Georgia. You receive a present and it is a real message in a bottle, with a rolled vintage style letter inside. Just like in old times when beloved ones would send each other notes of passion or more likely send it to the ocean. One could also write a list of dreams and send it to the universe by throwing it into waves. There is always a room for romantic and adventurous things to happen. The same could happen in Georgia, today. And not only could, it is actually happening right now. With Concierge Tbilisi and its New Year campaign #SpoilYourself


This magic and unusual campaign was inspired by messages in a bottle that we have known from fiction and real stories. Certain business companies that are using Concierge’s 1-year service will receive not only standard concierge package but also a surprise in a bottle. The chosen ones are companies or individuals who have already tried Concierge’s services or plan to subscribe to it in 2020. Dreams and wishes won’t get lost in the universe anymore. They will become real with the help of restaurants and hotels and other companies who will be ready to host our members.

Concierge Tbilisi is celebrating its 5-year anniversary and they claim that they are setting a whole new concept of hospitality in Georgia.


“This will enable Concierge Tbilisi to make its contribution to domestic tourism and also to treat its loyal members. Those who will receive a message in a bottle from us, will be able to treat themselves in some of the best restaurants, relax in local hotels and enjoy the best service and attention. This is concierge’s aim. We are here together with restaurants and hotels to make your days better. Collaboration with different companies and forming this new hospitality platform that will support local businesses and domestic tourism is our main idea and goal”.



As for the gifts and companies that have joined New Year’s campaign they are as follows:

  • Barbarestan
  • Republic 
  • Rooms Hotels (Kokhta, Georgia)
  • Dreamland Oasis Chakvi
  • Le Port
  • Holiday Inn Telavi
  • Ambassadori and Kachreti Golf Resort
  • Park Hotel Tsinandali
  • Kvareli Lake Resort
  • Hotel Kabadoni
  • Gudauri Lodge
  • Hotel Posta - Mestia 
  • Vardzia Resort
  • ATI 
  • Shavi Lomi Tbilisi Cuisine
  • GALA Cafe and Bar
  • Vinotel
  • Château Mukhrani 
  • Tabla Saloon 
  • Ubani
  • Samzeo
  • MonAmie

“We want to thank our partners who have joined this campaign and who make contribution in development of hospitality services in Georgia every single day”.

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