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Lifestyle Management

Concierge Tbilisi's personalized premium service gives you full access to special benefits and privileges. A personal lifestyle manager will carefully explore your desires and tailor services that generate the best value for you. Our perfectionist approach and goal to provide you affordable luxury helps us deliver a sophisticated service adapted to each individual. Enjoy your special status and let Concierge Tbilisi plan your harmonious lifestyle!


  • Flower delivery

    Show your feelings with beautiful flower arrangements

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  • Personal beauty and wellness

    Spoiling yourself has never been easier

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  • 24/7 flight booking

    Let us take you any place you desire. Concierge Tbilisi runs a 24/7 in-house flight booking service to meet your business needs.

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  • Running errands

    Concierge Tbilisi acknowledges that time is one of the most valuable assets to our clients, and so we will help you to strike the right balance between your work and lifestyle.

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Access to bespoke events

No need to worry if you forgot to buy a ticket or are not on the list for an event. Concierge Tbilisi is always at your service

Privileges and discounts

Use the benefits and privileges of your special status with the help of Concierge Tbilisi


Let the Concierge Tbilisi team take good care of your home, guaranteeing you constant comfort and a welcoming atmosphere

Fine dining

Enjoy the taste of delicious Georgian food at our selected restaurants

Hotel reservation

Concierge Tbilisi always knows you best, including where you’ll be happiest and most comfortable staying

Airport concierge services

First impressions matter a great deal, and this is why Concierge Tbilisi has a consistently warm and welcoming meet-and-greet service

Vehicles servicing

Your personal concierge will make sure your vehicle is safe, efficient, and comfortable

Relocation management

Let moving into a new home be a pleasure not a chore

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