12. May 2020

Reset You Body and Mind in Abastumani

If you feel that your immune system needs boosting, than Abastumani is the best place for your post Covid-19 vacation.

Reset You Body and Mind in Abastumani
Reset You Body and Mind in Abastumani
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If you feel that your immune system needs boosting, you miss dark pine forests, fresh air and breathtaking landscapes, than Abastumani is the best place for your post Covid-19 vacation. Abastumani’s fresh air and the healing waters have been used for centuries to treat patients with tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis, therefore Concierge Tbilisi sees this destination as an ideal place for making your health stronger and getting you back to normal life full of energy and enthusiasm.


Borjomi on the way

On the way to Abastumani, we suggest staying in the town of Borjomi for at least two nights. Here you will taste unique, volcanic origin Borjomi water, which according to natural standards is over 1500 years old and rises to the surface from the depth of 8-10 km, pushed up by natural carbon dioxide pressure. Borjomi thermal water spa hotels offer revitalizing procedures to relax your body and unwind your mind after intensive stress related to Corona virus pandemic.



Once you arrive in Abastumani you will be nicely surprised to find Soviet Union’s one of the best and oldest observatories. Established by Evgeny Kharadze in 1932, observatory’s impressive telescope will open up galaxy for you and give a unique star glazing experience. Friendly scientists will assist you in this process and tell many interesting stories related to the observatory itself. Saturn’s circles were measured right from here and Mercury’s atmosphere was noticed for the first time. Knowledge brought by Abastumani Oservatory turned out to be useful even for NASA!


Concierge Tbilisi recommends to spend at least 10 days in Abastumani to get the desired result. Wondering around forests, sunbathing, relaxing in the nature and taking deep breath of this unique air will boost your immune system and decrease the levels of post Covid-19 stress.


Tour recommended duration: 14 days

Transportation used: Jeep type vehicles, horses

Visit period recommended: July-September

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