Skills4Georgia - The Georgian - German TVET Days

GIZ local office in Tbilisi tendered out a highly complex and important event to showcase the successful cooperation between the public and private sector and the importance of fruitful partnership for the accomplishment of vocational education goals. The overall goal was inviting young people to test the vocational professions and discover new fields of interest and profit generation.


  • Is writing an event concept and action plan within the scope of Concierge Tbilisi services?

    Our company plans and executes any scale events and the services provided include content development, designing and building the installations, full logistical support and stakeholder coordination.

  • Can Concierge Tbilisi provide a marketing or media support for the event?

    We have in house media and marketing professionals who closely cooperate with the client to deliver most optimal media and marketing plans, responding to their needs. Concierge Tbilisi’s one of the biggest advantages is also a prominent knowledge of social media promotion mechanisms.

  • How much people does it take to execute an event like Vocational Education days in Georgia?

    For the effective execution it is most important to involve company’s team staff along with high profile freelancers. In this case we had 20 people working for the project including event managers, logistics, volunteer coordinators, conference managers etc, plus over 50 workers in shifts, cleaning personnel.

  • First Vocational Education Days in Georgia 2019


    • Planning massive outdoor event and two high profile conferences in less than 2 months
    • Converting “Republic Square” into a major exposition area with thematic pavilions
    • In close cooperation with GIZ officials developing branding concept, event timeline, overall conceptual documentation and action plan
    • Disseminating information per pavilion in a visually appealing and simulative manner
    • Managing smooth communication process with German and Georgian private sector and government representatives
  • First Vocational Education Days in Georgia 2019


    Concierge Tbilisi dedicated a team of 20 people to work in three main areas and cover the public outreach event execution and closure of the “Republic Square”, manage the skills for Georgia and TVET conferences.


    CT team members worked closely with design studio to come up with the design and technical specifications of the pavilions for the industries presented at the outdoor exposition event. We planned and coordinated the simulation activities for the representatives of construction, hospitality, furniture, forestry, wine, eco-tourism and other fields, making sure that visitors were interested and involved in the process.


    Company’s executive team handled high level communication with the Georgian and German government as well as private sector representatives, making sure each party was happy with their participation.

  • First Vocational Education Days in Georgia 2019


    • 21 thematically designed and branded pavilions were built on the “Republic Square”
    • Content and activities per pavilions were coordinated with sector key players, respective logistical support provided by Concierge Tbilisi
    • Umbrella branding and messages were developed and campaign executed respectively
    • Communication process with the stakeholders was coordinated and all requested sectors have been presented during the public outreach event at “Republic Square”
    • Visitors coming to the event received information, had a chance to participate in interesting simulations and also liaise with the sector representatives and potential employers

  • Tamar Sakvarelidze | GIZ - Support to the European Union in Georgia | Employment/Labour Market and VET sectors communication and visibility expert

    Before addressing Concierge Tbilisi, we analyzed our internal resources and realized we needed a company capable of handling taught deadlines, stressful tasks, multiple tasks, and interests of various stakeholders. Concierge Tbilisi was the team to be able to deliver all above mentioned in the time and without extra stress.


    The friendly attitude and the smile they handled the situation on top of their professionalism was remarkable. Our event was one of a kind, so far, implemented ones in Georgia it was a G2G event, the celebration of the partnership between Georgia and Germany involving various stakeholders, from the public, civil, private and government sides. The company won the tender; they were compliant with our requirements; they had the resources, the concept, and the experience necessary for the task.


    For me, the CT work did not come as a surprise since I had some experience working with them during my time when I used to lead the comms unit for the EU Delegation to Georgia. However, I was impressed by their ability to manage and coordinate multiple tasks under stress, the most significant event in Georgia, in the field of vocational education, put on all of us.

    I would choose, with no hesitation, CT as my partner company in the future endeavors. And, I would recommend them to my friends, what I did some time ago.



  • Franklin Roye

    " There are concierge services all over the place, but it’s hard to imagine a team that could come through for us at the level that your team at Concierge Tbilisi did. Our group is an unusual one and we aim high and even absurd you could say. You guys delivered an experience that will last for all of us forever. We fell in love with Georgia and the Georgian people and I can’t imagine it would have been the same or close without you. The investment is an interesting idea and will discuss it with the squad. Might be a fun way to tie us back. "

  • Colin M Donohue | Founder - Startup Grind Georgia

    Tonight thanks also to Concierge Tbilisi who went "above and beyond the call of duty", pushing to the absolute limit to execute an amazing event. Many people commented on how well organized the event was.


    Stupendous job Nino Skhirtladze, Lizz Khabazishvili, Nino Lashkhi and the team! I hope all your clients are not as difficult as us. We appreciate your great care despite challenges and are very proud of the world-class event you helped make a reality.


    More than one person said it was the best event they ever had attended!

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