Online B2B Forum Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Upon the request of Education Development and Employment Centre (EDEC) Concierge Tbilisi planned and executed a complex online B2B forum. Success of the assignment was highly dependent on the pre-event marketing works and selection of the best matching virtual event’s platform.


Concierge Tbilisi had to work with 15 young entrepreneurs from the regions of Georgia who had little computer literacy, however needed to be presented in the virtual event showing their highest potential.


  • What is the maximum number of participants for virtual events?

    Concierge Tbilisi partners with a number of international platforms, therefore we can host events with over 10 000 participants.

  • What Kind of virtual events do you offer and what is the format?

    We offer 2D and 3D virtual events depending on the event type, since our partner platforms have the capacity to host B2B forums, Expositions, major conferences, product launch events etc. For a better online experience, we offer our clients so called hybrid events, combining online and offline elements.

  • Can you assist clients with the event content?

    Concierge Tbilisi has developed an all-inclusive service, since virtual events are a new thing for most of the companies, we advise on the best content as well as develop scripts, marketing materials and all video footage needed for a seamless online happening.

  • How long does it take to plan a virtual event?

    The timeline heavily depends on the type of the event and pre-event marketing services client requires, however on average the preparation period is 1-3 months depending on the complexity of works. For instance, if Concierge Tbilisi does complete branding, video production, B2B planning and etc, the preparatory works may take 2.5-3 months.

  • Challenges:

    • Finding best matching virtual platform and adapting it to the event needs in a very limited time
    • Producing branding and content materials for all entrepreneurs from scratch
    • Coaching 15 entrepreneurs with minimal computer literacy to make the best use of the platform and show stable performance during B2B meetings
    • Preparing inexperienced entrepreneurs for individual meetings with top companies in their fields
    • Organizing an offline product exhibition and livestreaming it to the virtual event
    • Combining online and offline elements in an interactive virtual event
  • Solution:

    Since this was the first hybrid format virtual B2B forum on the Georgian market, Concierge Tbilisi dedicated a team of over 25 professionals including stage managers, moderators, designers, B2B forum coordinators and etc. to ensure delivery of best results expected by the client.


    CT offered EDEC a virtual platform accommodating all their needs including stage for speakers, special online booths for product exposition and B2B virtual rooms for individual meetings.


    Marketing team of Concierge Tbilisi worked closely with the client to tailor their existing branding to the virtual platform, produce interesting testimonials of all 15 entrepreneurs, produce product catalogue and incorporate all offline elements into the virtual platform.


    CT team also mapped and invited top 55 companies potentially interested in the B2B forum and ensured their participation was comfortable and useful.

  • Results:

    • 15 entrepreneurs got their company brand book and guidelines for social media promotion
    • Entrepreneurs received a comprehensive business coaching and felt confident during business interaction with top companies
    • Virtual event was well branded displaying information on all stakeholders and entrepreneurs in an appealing manner
    • B2B forum turned out to be a major success- 55 participating companies held 84 online B2B meetings and 80 agreements for the future cooperation were reached
    • Online event had a good coverage in Social Media and press
    • All invited companies reported that the virtual platform was easy to navigate, entrepreneurs they met were well prepared and they would like to attend future forums

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